Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Blogs We Need

So at the moment my list of blogs looks a little like this:


Year 10
Reality TV

Year 11
Film Posters
Action Adventure
New blog each year for changing topic

Year 12
Foundation Production
Film Industry
TV Rocks

Year 13
Music Video
Film and Press Regulation
Reflective Essay?

Extra Curricular
Film Club
Photography Club
Filmmakers Club
Media Crew

Careers/Work Experience
Options Year 9
Options Year 11

Teacher’s Hub
Music Video Brief (for conference)

Obviously some of them are not made yet, some are made but not filled and some are just ideas (filmmakers and cineclub especially!).  Have I missed anything/got anything in the wrong place?  Once I have the full list I'll start correcting all the links (I.e. blkfoundationportfolio08 for the year 12 foundation blog should really be latymermediafoundation).  Once all the links are finalised I can use the coding I have written to set out a navbar as a gadget and keep our lovely top menus correct!  Then you will be able to get to any part of our blogs from any other blog with just one click!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


wow! love the teacher's hub and the headers too! thank you chris!

yes i would go with the 3rd one too, it's a perfect design.

Can you name it The A2 Music Video Brief

thanks again

Conference Headers

Here are 3 different choices for the blog header design.  As the second 'AC/DC' Font is too manly I tried using the Evanescence and Madonna fonts.  Personally I prefer the third selection in that it is more iconic and has far greater music connotations thanks to the disco ball.